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Get the best no bull information for Asia cheap travel. Find Asian budget accommodations,Hotels & cheap rooms as well as Asia's cheapest airfares for regional and discount flights   We also cover things like Scuba Diving Resorts and Liveaboards for 2 reasons.

1) So that you get the best value for your Asian travel dollar.

2) We get to have some fun, go scuba diving and other Asia Eco Adventures and while traveling cheap in Asia.

Why Cheap Charlies ?

Hotels Budget Accommodations & Guest houses

Waisai Hotel

Like You we are tired of looking here on the internet and finding Asia hotels over $100 being called cheap. We believe that Budget Accommodations should be , Friendly, Safe, Clean and Affordable, basically what you would expect If a friend put you up for the night.

Sanur Guesthouses

We like people that want to do business with us, so we like to see smiles and a little extra effort from the guesthouse staff If you see a Cheap Charley Pick you know that you have found a special place that we really enjoyed.

Cheap Flights

For the really cheapest airfares We recommend 3 different travel search engines that will save you money Kayak for airfare price checking using frequent flyer programs, Fare Compare and Airfare Watch dog.

Asia Cheapest Flights Bangkok

To find deals for the regional flights we use Air Asia and Tiger Air for a lot of the region, Cebu Pacific Philippines , China Southern for China , Merpatai & Lion Air in Indonesia with the main air hubs for regional flights Bangkok, KL, and Singapore being the 3 we check first usually , Bali, KL, Manila, Phnom Penh, Saigon, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing if we are going to that specific country.

Asia Scuba Diving

Dive Liveaboards

Cheap Charlies Loves to Scuba Dive! We focus on the best scuba diving for the money like, the Philippines islands of Cebu Bohol and Puerto Galera. Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Hawaii Scuba Diving in Waikiki ,Maui and Kona where we became a PADI Dive master and Thailand were we became PADI Dive Instructor and Cambodia where we qualified as a PADI MSDT And SSI Dive Con Instructor. As time Goes on expect to see more and more of our overall favorite place to dive Bali dive sites Tulamben, Chandi Dasa, Nusa Penida, Amed ,Komodo and Raja Ampat Indonesia.

Blue Magic Dive Site Raja Ampat



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